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Marry Keys is a cover band that specializes in soul, funky, disco and pop from the 1960s to the present. In our repertoire you will find evergreens of past decades. Among our most favorite artists are ABBA, Aretha Franklin, Barry White, Bruno Mars, Boney M, Frank Sinatra, Lionel Richie, Maroon 5, Phill Collins, Michael Jackson, Pharell Williams, Robbie Wiliams, Sting and others.

We perform in several assemblies:

Marry Keys Cover Band

Our most favorite setup. A singer, saxophonist, pianist, and drummer, who will pump up an audience of up to 200 people. Ideal composition for a corporate party, wedding party or celebration of anything else together with your friends. Select this gang of musicians and you won´t regret it.

Marry Keys Full ON!

Our biggest setup. Two singers, brass section, guitarist, pianist, drummer. This gang can really throw a huge event. A graduation party or a regional corporate party for 500 guests is not an issue. We will also be happy to arrange the sound and lights engineering of the event.

Marry Keys Trio

Our modest set, which still is working for dancing events. The pianist, singer and drummer are able to conjure a rather decent piece of music. In this cast, we can handle smaller corporate events, a birthday party or even a Christmas party. For larger events, please ask for one of our larger setups.

Marry Keys Duo

Pianist and singer who have everything they need for their own sound. Repertoire based primarily on jazz standards and pop evergreens. Simple solution of musical accompaniment at events where the dance program is not expected. Ideal for your wedding ceremony or corporate banquet.

Marry Keys DJ

There are situations where the band is already not enough, or it would be a waste of your money. For these moments there is our Petr aka DJPiNNer. His repertoire is proven and constantly updated. There are iconic disco tunes as well as hits of the last weeks. After a party with our DJ, you'll be dancing on nineties hits even while sleeping.

Marry Keys Solo Piano

Just a pianist and grand piano - nothing more, nothing less. Working really well as a background music for your wedding ceremony, corporate banquet, vernissage, etc. Is there a piano missing in place?

Upon agreement, we can deliver our own instrument to the chosen venue.