Who we are?

We’re all just people, but we’re a great cover band together…

Zuzana Vlčeková

Lead vocal

Zuzka comes from the middle-Slovak town of Prievidza. She got to Prague with the previous wave of economic migration and she is a classic example of an eastern import. Even though she is constantly stealing jobs from Czech singers and she has already dropped her roots deeply in Prague, you will often hear from her that they also have “This”  in Prievidza, BUT WAY BETTER!

In spite of her excessive national pride, she is a very kind and loving person. And above all of that, she is the owner of an incredibly sounding alt voice. A comparable singer with such musicality and vocal cords so powerfull, could be hardly found. She loves Michael Jackson, Ella Fitzgerald, Queen, Bruno Mars, and other artists of various genres.


Tenor Sax

Jan is the product of the time when socialism in the CSSR was already blown. In his childhood he loved the clarinet, then the saxophone, and he had not grown up from that. He admires music in its entirety, especially jazz, Russian classics of the 20th century and Kraftwerk.

In recent years, he has been a sideman and bandleader especially on the Prague scene and is part of a number of musical projects, ranging from smaller combos to big bands. He gained music education at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, at the Leipzig Academy of Music and at HAMU in Prague. In addition to his musical career, he fulfills his publicistic aspirations as an editor and moderator at Czech Radio – you can hear him on CRo Jazz and ČRo Vltava.

Štěpán Lohnickij


Director of the Almighty and the man who has keys from all doors. He has been to everywhere, he heard everything, and he experienced that already. Twice! So that´s our bandleader …
The boy with a constant problem concentrating on a single particular thing, who, apart from music, is devoted entirely to another twenty passions and hobbies. In addition to piano, he is a passionate sailor, a fisherman, a cyclist, a zythologist (we also had to google this one), a reptile owner, a skier etc. He does it all, he is not the best in either one of those, but he enjoys it all.

Marry Keys is not the only formation you can see him in. He also performs with Sly Rabbits, a Prague-based band, where he, unlike MK, enjoys being “just the keyboardist” and not having to manage anybody and anything.

Václav Tomšík


Vasek, as the youngest member of the band, is logically our fan´s sweethart. At the same time, it puts him at the center of all the bands  jokes and hits. But he is a strong young man, driven by hard conditions in agriculture, who does not find anything too distracting. An example of such experience is his active cooperation with the collective farm in Počátky.

He considers his personal life success, the creation of a rectifier from the dismantled diodes and the TR3 transformer, when the diodes were connected in the so-called Winston Bridge, which he connected to the TR3 secondary coil. Then he only brought the 230V voltage to the TR3 primary winding and the rectifier was completed.

When he is not playing drums or working his farming duties, he likes to stare on the ceiling. He does that on a proffesional level.